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16U Division

We have added a 16U Division to the Midwest Softball Conference Championships! Teams in Ohio and Indiana must qualify through their State Championships. Teams in other states get a direct berth

Hufnagle Memorial Tournament on June 26-27 (FRIDAY NIGHT IF NEEDED)

If you have played softball for a few years, say maybe 5 or more, you know of a fellow softball player that died during their playing years. That’s what happened to me when Tyler Hufnagle was killed on his way to work in 1996. In 1997 we re-named the Topeka Invitational Tournament The Tyler Hufnagle Memorial Tournament. This year we want to add a new wrinkle to this tournament. All teams that participate in the 2020 Hufnagle Memorial Tournament are asked to play it in memory of a fallen softball player that YOUR team decides to play for.

This year the Hufnagle Memorial is on June 26-27. One day only. We use multiple fields so we can handle a bunch of team. It is a dual event because it is part of the USA Softball of Indiana Power Series and also a Midwest Softball Conference event for B, C, and D teams. It is also a Miken Challenge tournament.

Teams will be asked to tell us who they are playing in recognition of and to get us at least 1 picture of that player! You’ll see what we come up with for your team in honor of this player!

Mission Statement

The mission of this Conference is to give the B, C, and D teams that want to, have a series of tournaments to play in. To, hopefully, expose good players in the E division an opportunity to play UP instead of DOWN in classification. Check out the rules for each Conference Tournament.

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